My name is Leon Viveros and I started Momotus Design in order to help my clients create their digital brand presence for themselves or their businesses. 

When first exploring the idea of building a website I was confused and discourage with all the misleading information out there.

So I started thinking about building a website that would look great and also show up on the relevant searches done by any of the large search engines. Soon I discovered that the easiest part was to make the website look how I wanted, but it was hard to get it in front of who I wanted to sell my services to.

After much searching and testing, I came up with a formula to help ANYBODY from small business owners to corporate giants get in front of the people that matter most to them. 

I have tried this formula with restaurants, health coaches, web portals, law firms, retail stores, venture capital groups, artists, etc…

My work has taken me to collaborate with businesses and clients in Las Cruces and Santa Fe, New Mexico; and other countries such as, Canada, Mexico, and China.

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